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You spend a lot of money on insuring your autos, homes & businesses.

Why would you not want to insure the most important thing which is your Life in order to help protect the ones you love?

The following are the types of life insurance policies available through Fields Insurance.

  • Term Life Insurance: The simplest form of life insurance. You purchase coverage for a specific price for a specified period. If you die during that time, your beneficiary receives the value of the policy. There is no investment component. Terms of 10, 15, 20, and 30 years are available for you. Term life insurance is the most popular for individuals who are looking to primarily protect their loved ones or dependents in the event of their death because it provides a guaranteed death benefit. Term life can provide a safety net for your family and help them to meet their financial goals.
  • Whole Life Insurance: Whole life insurance offers protection throughout your lifetime. Whole life can be a good option for those who can afford it. Premiums remain level throughout the life of the policy. Whole Life policies are more expensive because of their policy cash value which can be used for investing. The cash value of the policy will grow slowly and is tax-free on the gains that your policy accumulates.

Given the differences in policy structure that life insurance presents, discussing your options with a qualified agent can guarantee your best-fit and help you rest assured your family’s future is secure.

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